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Swiss Aero Provides World Class Manufacturing Services And AS 9100 Quality

A Sample of Products We Make

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We manufacture parts, sub-assemblies, whole assemblies, and deliver with them insight and total solution expertise while adhering to the Aerospace quality standard of AS 9100.

Our Product and Service Family

Because of our broad range of manufacturing experience, an engineer-filled management team, standard and unique machining capabilities, AS 9100 quality certification, and focus on world class service, we deliver insight and total solutions when others can just make parts.

We get that "the job to be done" you need is more than drilling holes in the right spot or cutting thread, you as the buyer need to drive the costs, quality, and schedule for whole processes or subsystems.

Our "big picture" approach gives us the ability to deliver a variety of geometries, part types, and assemblies to meet the specialty manufacturing, environmental and operational challenges of these segments and other high performance applications.
     •Medical Gases and Liquids
     •Ballistic Weapons
     •Specialty Fasteners.

As part of our manufacturing services we produce components and assemblies for
     •Roller and ball bearing
     •Electronic Connectors
     •Hydraulic Connectors
     •Firing Pins and Chambers
     •Clinch Nuts
     •Fuel Fittings

Our manufacturing services also include programs such as "Cost Out", "Weight Out", "Uptime", and "Reliability Engineering". Think of this part of our service family as "Engineering on Tap".

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